Working at Silk & Grain

Working at Silk & Grain - Monika - Waiting Staff

Monika - Waiting Staff

Silk & Grain - London EC3V 3ND

Work in the City

The team at Silk & Grain like to do things a little differently.

They take time to serve drinks with care. They’re evolving classic cocktails and inventing new ones. And they’re perfecting the technique of barrel aging cocktails to produce undeniably delicious drinks.

And when it comes to food, they’re just as exciting and innovative.

Our beef couldn’t have better credentials: sourced in Scotland and matured using a 200 year old process.

Of course, it’s the people who really make the place and the team here is passionate about serving up the best and most exciting food and drink.

Working with and learning from them is perhaps the best and most enjoyable way to further your own career ambitions.