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Not many people enjoy going to work, I can say that I do

Jodie - Bar Tender

Waxy O'Connor's (Glasgow)

Meet Jodie

  • Why did you choose to work for us?

    I really like the layout of Waxy’s and going into Waxy’s before working here you could feel the good vibes between the team.

  • Tell us about your story so far?

    I work in Waxy’s part-time as I am currently studying. Waxy’s is really flexible with my hours as during the holidays they allow me to take on extra hours and allow me to take time off for travelling. At the moment I am taking time out to go to China but I am looking forward to coming back to Waxy’s in September. I have been here for two years and these have been a great two years so far. I have made a lot of friends who I would consider friends for life.

  • What do you get up to on a typical day/shift?

    Every day is different in Waxy’s, I mostly work the weekends so it is normally a busy shift, each shift you’re on a different bar as there are so many bars in Waxy’s so you never get bored of doing the same thing over and over. Some days you will be serving functions and others days you will be multi-serving on one of the main bars and then another day you’re running food.

  • What do you like most about working here?

    The way that everyone works well together, everyone works as a team and everyone’s opinion counts. It can be really busy at times but we all pull together and help each other. I truly feel that I have met my best friend working here.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

    On our Christmas night out we have Waxy’s awards. This year I won Best Bar Buddy. This means a lot to me as it is all the staff who vote. I also won Best Looking. Also I like that I am trusted to train new starters.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Being a hard worker and being able to work as part of a team, also being able to have a laugh. Waxy’s is like a family, we all like to socialise together after work.

  • Tell us about the training and development…

    Glendola offer a lot of training, it’s good to go on the training and meet people from other units and hear their stories as all the units are so different. I like that when training becomes available the management post it on the staff Facebook page so that we can decide if we want to go on the training rather than them just send anyone.

  • What is it really like to work here?

    It can be tough as it is a busy bar, but it is a great atmosphere and everyone is really friendly. Every day is different.

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    Every unit is different. There is a lot of training and you learn something new every day. There is opportunities to further your career here.

  • What would you say to someone who was thinking of applying?

    Go for it. Not many people say they enjoy going to work. At Waxy’s I can say that I do.

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