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After starting as a glass collector, I’ve advanced to the role of Manager.

Sarah - Shanghai Nightclub Manager

Le Monde Hotel

Meet Sarah


  • Why did you choose to work for us?

    I moved to Manchester to attend university and needed a part-time job to help me pay my fees.

  • Tell us about your story so far?

    I started in Waxy's Manchester as a Part-Time Glass Collector. I then moved onto the bar and after a year got promoted to Supervisor. Following a year in this position I attended my assessment day, got promoted to Assistant Manager and began my Management Development Program. I transferred to Le Monde as Assistant Manager, and have worked in the complex for 3 years, now managing the night club and late night offering.

  • What do you get up to on a typical day/shift?

    Come in, check rota, do floor plan, check reservations, check safe, line counts, help with breakfast or dinner service, deal with any issues that may arise whilst on shift. No one day is really the same.

  • What do you like most about working here?

    The Glendola family. Getting to know everyone from different venues and all the training available to help you run a successful business.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

    Managing my own venue considering that I started as a Glass Collector five years ago.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Hard work, communication skills with the unit, excellent customer service, thinking about the business as a whole and not just individual departments, passion for the industry, ambition.

  • Tell us about the training and development…

    The training and development within the company is great, I first started with Buddy Training and the Experienced Craft Program, I then moved onto my Supervisor Training with Wes over four days and I'm just about to complete my MDP. It's great to be about to train on the job and be able to put what I've learned into practice.

  • What is it really like to work here?

    Enjoyable and exciting, something new everyday, constant learning with opportunities to keep improving and progressing.

  • What do you think makes us unique as an employer?

    The sense of community amongst staff that have worked within the company for some time is great. You're always able to call other units if you need something. The progression internally and constant training.

  • What would you say to someone who was thinking of applying?

    Definitely apply, Glendola is a great company to work for.

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